Lyde Spann
Chief Strategist

Brittany Queeney
Sr. Operations Manager

Yashi Gudka
Data Science and Performance Analyst

Capital Raising

  • deck outline
  • deck design & art direction
  • comprehensive financial modeling
  • pitch deck or executive deck
  • target investor communications
  • prospecting investors

To achieve significant and sustainable growth, capital is usually required, whether it comes from the “Board” of a company, or from investors, or by identifying meaningful debt (“growth” capital). While neta is not an investment bank, nor an investment broker, we are very good at understanding the conversion of a transaction, be it online via an eCommerce platform or the materials required to persuade investors or Board members to participate in financing a vision…that ultimately green lights our CapEx platform roll-out.

Following our Strategy engagement, we understand our client’s current performance, analytics and initiatives and we’ve re-defined priorities and topside financial projections. From that point, we work hand-in-hand to visually compose the most compelling “pitch” deck possible. We’ve been told by more than one top VC that our financial models rarely need to be looked at because they’re that detailed, but we think our success rate speaks for itself. For those companies that have retained this service, we have always secured the capital needed to implement our Strategy. It isn’t always the amount we initially set out to raise or secure, and it doesn’t always come from the source or at the timing that we had in mind, but we are one of a handful of strategic growth partners or capital raising firms that can say that we have always secured our raise. We firmly believe that our capital raising service offering manifests ours and our client’s futures.

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Financial Modeling

You don’t want an investor or Board questioning the validity of your assumptions given faulty finances. A successful model requires clean bookkeeping integrated into direct-to-consumer centric P&L formats. We deliver capital raising services by utilizing our strategic financial deliverables as a baseline of assumptions that serves as a guideline for our comprehensive financial model that ties together monthly P&L financials, valuations, and share distribution.

Services - Capital Raising - Art Direction | netamorphosis

Art Direction

We started to offer our capital raising process as a service when entrepreneurs presented us with “pitch” decks that contained a lot of pretty slides, but hardly any meaningful metric and financial models supporting their assumptions. Through the confluence of data and design, we build in partnership with our clients. Just like our eCommerce and digital website platforms, our investor deck materials are designed to convert.