Fiscally Responsible


What does fiscal responsibility mean?

The general concept of ‘fiscal responsibility’ or of being ‘fiscally responsible’ is used to define the delicate game of being financially smart – especially when it comes to ‘big budgets’ such as a country’s GDP. For government institutions, fiscal responsibility describes the ability to balance between government spending and tax. In fact, it would define the obligation of a state to maximize incomes by using their spending powers, while also ensuring that inflation does not spiral up.

The term could appear as generally more common or pertinent either in broader economic debates or within government organizations rather than within digital transformation agencies such as netamorphosis. However, for us it is a rather crucial aspect behind our overarching approach.

In fact, the ability to plan on how to use a budget wisely, without overspending or otherwise, makes the concept of fiscal responsibility quite useful within our financially sound approach to marketing and business as well. Within our ‘neta Speak’ the term is used to describe how we would always ensure transparency and clarity of actions between us (as service providers) and our clients are granted, hence fostering what we would call ‘a relationship based on collaboration’, rather than a more detached and less open/straightforward one.

Why is it important to be fiscally responsible?

For a business, fiscal responsibility boils down to money management. By effectively managing your budget allows for more choices and flexibility as it comes to your overall business growth. The types of fiscal responsibility can vary depending on the business, however, in our experience these are the key factors:

  • Weekly and monthly reporting that advises annual projections and corresponding budgets that ensures profitability
  • ROAS evaluation for media activities vs. CPC methodology
  • Always allowing for a 10% contingency on expenditures costing more year-over-year

Our Fiscally Responsible Approach

This quite unique type of approach is a direct consequence of a number of previous experiences lived by neta Founder and CEO Lyde Spann. Prior to founding neta in 2011 Lyde had been head of digital/eCommerce for Fortune 500 companies and globally recognized organizations, and had only ever seen ‘service provider‘ pricing (be it creative agencies, business consultants or PR/marketing specialists), based solely on the costs and ultimately margins and overhead of those service providers, solely contextualized within ‘market rates’. Contingent upon whether overseeing financial planning of a ‘big budget’ or ‘no budget’, the same providers often proposed entirely different rates and engagement costs, without much diligence upfront to understand what the respective organization’s goals were: it was more of an immediate assumption, what we might call ‘business profiling’, but certainly not a financially smart way of planning for things.

Moreover, this approach would build inconsistent and fragile business relationship, which would not be based on trust. Given a superficial, and surface approach to pricing, client engagements have a stronger tendency to start off on the ‘wrong’ foot, with a lack of trust, and are often ill-scoped given premature assumptions that are never contextualized within a financial projection or basis that could serve as a collective goal.

All these reasons bring us to why our approach when working with a client at neta is completely and utterly different: we do not judge a book by its cover, and we not guess costs, hide nor inflate them.

Our Experience with Fiscal Responsibility

Through a mutual incentivization model, netamorphosis not only effectively drives results and helps our clients achieve their greatest business potential, but also collaboratively defines meaningful KPIs, prioritizes ROI and drives fiscally responsible growth. Contact us today, to find out how netamorphosis can transform your organization’s ROI decisions.

Through the years, we have proven that an approach to budgets both fiscally responsible and financially savvy not only builds better relationships but also incentivizes compensation and drives dramatic results for companies of all sizes. All since the very beginning of every working relationship and therefore project. In fact, within the work we would do with our clients, all is defined in detail already within the first Phase of our growth process, as this would include both financial projection and subsequent website platform set up budget or pricing that correlates to that projection, recouping such budget as quickly as possible guided by the shared objective to reach profitability.

As a performance driven growth and digital transformation agency, this provides us and our clients the opportunity to ‘get on the same page’ and merge our collective perspectives, insights and resources to create the optimal path forward.

Ultimately in fact, the objective behind netamorphosis is not just to drive results and help our clients achieve their greatest business potential, but also to change current perceptions and modalities on what working with a service provider would normally imply or mean.

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