Platform Agnostic


What does platform agnostic mean?

The concept of ‘platform agnostic’ refers to a set of specific design attributes and philosophies normally associated to software products. An agnostic software would in fact be free from any ties to a specific platform or system and run equally well across more than one platform. Because of this built-in resilience and flexibility, when a software is labelled as ‘platform agnostic’, end-users tend to feel they are in ‘technology heaven’ as that quite simply means such software is cross compatible and can run undisturbed (plus, with virtually no bugs) on any computer (or mobile!) operating system such as Linux, Unix, MS Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc.

The Concept of 'Platform Agnostic' in Mass Media: Pop Culture, Sociology, and Beyond

The idea of being platform agnostic does not just refer to the field of agnostic software only. In some cases, the term might be used to refer to products and services that work with print and digital environments or platforms and are cross compatible within that broader specific type of context. For example, media outlets that deliver content via print and digital are considered to be agnostic, as they would retool, adapt and disseminate their content using not one, but multiple preferred media outlets, fostering coaction instead than presenting them as alternatives (we call this an omnichannel vs. multichannel approach).

In the tech world, the technology agnostic meaning can also be used to define specific end-user choices. For example, users that are true believers and loyal users of a given platform (i.e. Mac OS vs. MS Windows) may use platform agnostic as a descriptor of end-users who are more flexible with their platform choices.

Finally, the concept also applies to content per se, as it can be used to define all material (text, photo, video) that is meant to be transmedia, convergent and ultimately omnichannel: built to exist in different forms across different platforms and media, each one supporting the other and building an over-arching storytelling made of different assets, and scattered across multiple outlets.

The Platform Agnostic Approach in Business

This broad and resilient concept that a software, content piece or approach can seamlessly moonlight cross platforms, applies quite well to both the netamorphosis’ philosophy and our day-to-day modus operandi when it comes to supporting each of our clients in their digital growth path forward.

In fact, we actually tend to say that neta is platform agnostic, meaning that we’re not a software or hardware reliant service provider, tied to a specific platform or programming language/environment. On the contrary, we are able to strategically leverage different types of assets, technology partners and solutions, identifying and (s)electing the best ones based on the actual needs and objectives of each one of the companies we have the opportunity to partner with.

In parallel, we’ve also often been brought in ‘as a doctor’ (of sorts) to help businesses align their operations with a robust eCommerce strategy that utilizes platforms that typically require programming partners to be certified in order to ensure feasible implementation given complicated software and API’s (Application Programming Interfaces). And we have growingly built our leadership as best-in-class legacy system integration service providers.

Precisely for these reasons, our Maintenance & Hosting service offering has being constructed to address the paramount concept of ensuring the ultimate set-up of an efficient user experience, dictated by our client’s needs in tandem with their customer’s needs.

According to Professor Henry Jenkins,
author of Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide:

"Pieces of the story can be scattered across media platforms and that creates incentives for us to return to that content again and again, creating multiple touch-points for brands but also creating an expanded canvas for storytellers to work on. The story is not tied to one platform. It is in all media."

Our Approach – Platform Agnostic integrations and solutions

Clearly, neta’s consumer-centric, open and flexible platform agnostic approach, can’t be conditioned by a technology or a digital environment’s infrastructure that has little to no bearing to our clients and the products they excel in making and delivering to the market. Which is why we would devise and then build strategy-driven solutions with flexibility in mind, leveraging the best available tools to secure optimal CRM, ROI and overall results. Also, we would match this with an equally resilient cross platform design, ensuring the delivery of responsive digital experiences, adaptable to no-matter-what-type of screen customers might be using, and hence fostering consistency of the UX not just on the device, but ultimately to the user.

Moreover, most of our Strategy work would rely on a solid omnichannel outlining. This guarantees our Acquisition Strategy consistently and thoroughly engages the end-user in a meaningful conversation and exchange with a product or service, throughout the entire consumer journey and since the earliest stages of the conversion funnel. Our content is also conceived to be platform agnostic, built to be resilient, adapt, grow and expand into every touch-point we decide to activate when we are tasked with growing the digi-physical presence of a business or eCommerce.

Ultimately, neta would generate solutions for what is technologically scalable towards our defined performance growth, design and content creation objectives. Our collective +30 years working on website platforms globally and across multiple industries and sectors, underscores our capability to achieve award-winning digital platforms across a broad spectrum of media, content and technologies.

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