Product Information Management


‘Product information management’ (PIM) is a term generally used to describe the management and flow of information coordination required to market and sell products/services through eCommerce (digital platforms), stores (omnichannel) and pre-defined distribution centers.

At netamorphosis we devise inventory management systems deployment to quickly strategize, create and deliver product experiences that are insights and data driven—yet compelling at the same time. 

PIM offers us a single place to:

  1. Collect, manage, and enrich product information.
  2. Create a product catalog.
  3. Distribute through eCommerce and offline sales channels.


Prior to the advent of eCommerce selling, systems (which still exist today) that stored product information and in essence served as product databases consisted of inventory systems, OMS (order management systems) and POS (point of sale systems). 


Within eCommerce software platforms and omnichannel strategy, PIM usually refers to online inventory management, and is housed within the CMS (Content Management System) of a website platform. More often than not, cloud inventory management tools are what can ensure end-to-end business processes throughout the entire supply chain, fostering efficiency and accessibility.

In our experience, the more distinct channels and legacy systems exist within an organization the more communication will be necessary to ensure all aspects are duly taken into account; i.e. data mapping and software system integration need to occur in order to achieve the all-important ‘real-time’ inventory. The larger organizations with systems that need to scale become, the more margin there is for inconsistencies and site maintenance, software update malfunctions that may impact the user experience of the end-user.

Therefore, we liken the PIM to the ‘heart’ of most if not all retail systemic infrastructures. Our suite of services offers all netamorphosis’ clients the opportunity to receive overarching support throughout the entire product/service marketing process from beginning to end. Which is why planning an efficient product information management process becomes one of the most crucial aspects across all phases of the neta growth process, as it ultimately helps us achieve the results that we’ve become known for in the industry.

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