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Flatiron New York | netamorphosis - Digital Agency

Communication is Collaboration

While we’re not fans of overwrought jargon that can both complicate and confuse effective communication. Being technologists in the digital era, there is a baseline of terminology that today is a pre-requisite to effective digital channel management. This is neta Speak, a hands-on guide to all the words you need to know.

neta – Speak

The work of a digital marketing agency is filled with technical words and concepts that can sometimes be hard to fully understand or grasp. Our client work transcends industries ranging from healthcare to fashion and continents ranging from Asia to Europe. Given complex vocabularies and oftentimes different languages, it helps us to collectively achieve our goals, when we’re coming from the same definitions, specifically regarding technical terms related to finance, digital marketing, eCommerce that help define our growth trajectories.

You might not be familiar with all of these words. Or you could simply be quite curious about some of them, and interested in knowing more. Which is why we decided to come up with our very own ‘neta – Speak’: a quick yet informative digital marketing glossary with simple definitions and examples, based on how we would intend and use each term in executing the work that serves our team and the clients with whom we partner. Read them, learn them, share them. And if you have questions, ask them.