Lyde Spann
SEO Strategist

Ciara Gormley
Sr. SEO Manager

SEO Services

  • SEO audit
  • search technology plan
  • search content strategy
  • keyword targeting
  • competitive inbound analysis
  • paid search oversight

Of all the digital marketing channels available today; email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media, or PR (what is often paid to drive referral traffic); Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) provides the highest long-term ROI.

We initially began to offer this service when we identified a significant growth opportunity for an important client, and not only was their existing SEO partner inadequate, we couldn’t recommend any partner to capitalize on our performance expectations… so we suggested something radical; that we devise and execute the SEO strategy ourselves. We started by matching the budget of the existing partner and if we didn’t see improved, comparable results within three months, we would take it upon ourselves to find a better partner. One and a half years later, having achieved the number #1 ranking for the most competitive search term in the teen treatment healthcare space…8 months ahead of schedule; we continue to grow along with that particular client’s SEO services.

We’ve become experts at navigating SEO’s intricacies, where our SEO implementation is fully aligned with brand communication standards, paid search management and paired with cutting-edge tools that are orchestrated by the best talent around.

We imagine there will be a day where our dynamic approach to optimizing your business’ search potential may get out-smarted by Google’s ever-changing algorithms; we look forward to the challenge when that day arrives.

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SEO Audit, Social Signals & Search Technology Plan

Our search team evaluates the technical and user experience initiatives to ensure maximum efficiency, specific to the overarching performance of search within your digital marketing. As Google now includes social signals as a ranking factor, our audit touches on ‘social media health’, but also includes email (name capture) and referred links. This is a 4-week, start to finish guided engagement that results in deliverables that allow for autonomous (client) implementation or a continued partnership to ensure quality of execution.

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Search Content Strategy

We provide keyword targeting recommendations based on audience opportunity, competitive rankings, brand importance and insights that develop as we become intimately aware of the nuance of our client’s audience engagements. We focus our efforts around improving overall SEO Domain authority and ultimately page authority through a prioritization of keywords that evolves into a hierarchy from which we devise and develop content to achieve our primary objective…to make our content smarter, every single day.

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Competitive Inbound Analysis

Often, it’s difficult to see one’s own business through the eyes of your competitor. We construct deep competitive analysis across SEO domain authority tactics, Paid Search PPC bidding and inbound keyword benchmarking. Through a detailed understanding of the competitive landscape, we uncover the priorities to differentiate and achieve top industry rankings that deliver beyond performance expectations.

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Paid Search

SEO and SEM go together like peanut butter and jelly, yet often they are overseen by distinct partners, or marketing managers. Rarely in our collective years of experience, have we seen unified or integrated keyword campaign planning or inbound landing optimization. We partner with SEM experts to align SEM and SEO brand, competitive and local optimization campaigns to drive the greatest traffic, audience engagement and ROI opportunities.