Lyde Spann
Chief Information Architect

Brittany Queeney
Sr. Operations Manager

Kirby Shulman
Sr. Digital Project Manager


  • eCommerce platforms
  • POS implementations
  • order management systems
  • CRM
  • 3rd Party logistics providers
  • call center integrations
  • financial modeling

Companies that win are those that put the consumer at the center of the customer experience; whether a consumer is engaging via an online platform, in a physical location, on mobile via social media networks, or with customer service by phone or live chat.

Since 2005, we’ve quoted a former Executive from Saks Fifth Avenue, who stated a ‘consumer’ who purchases in more than 1 channel will spend 3 – 5x more than a consumer purchase in only one channel. We’ve found proof in this statistic over and over; across industries and channels. While there is often dissention at the executive level or in the media about channel cannibalization and limited wallet share, Lyde Spann’s experience as the Head of Omnichannel Strategy and Operations paved the way for organizations such as west elm, MoMA and Zara contradicts this sentiment. This foundation has also proven cross-channel consumer purchasing potential for younger, lesser-known companies with fledgling consumer bases, where it pays dividends to have the right systemic infrastructure and communications in place across less technology-forward sectors such as: finance and healthcare.

What determines the success of an omnichannel solution boils down 100% to the consumer’s experience, which is our initial focus as we develop the omnichannel Strategy. This step is often overlooked, as in both large and small organizations the capability to communicate across platforms, systems, teams and channels and just like a game of telephone, there is more often than not a breakdown of communication. When clients ask us who we are, while we are a growth-focused consultancy, at the heart of our capability is our ability to always put the target audience first, and to communicate across all facets, intricacies, hierarchies, and platforms that facilitate the consumer’s journey into a superior omnichannel experience.

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Software Integrations

While 80% of our implementations revolve around transactional B2C software, there are many software integrations required for a successful omnichannel operation. We take the time to define the requirements of an optimal cross-channel customer experience, map these business requirements across systems & recommend the right technology platforms and partners. We rigorously test (UAT) and model the upside of an effective omnichannel experience. It’s not easy, but that’s why we’re in rare company as a hybrid business consulting partner meets digital agency that specializes in omnichannel solutions.

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POS: In Store Implementations

Most digital agencies don’t touch point of sale (POS) systems, but in order to unify a customer’s experience, an integrated digital flagship and store system is ideal. The primary difference between implementing a digital platform and a POS system is the prioritization of the sales person; which translates to gaining a deep understanding of the person-to-person exchange in addition to incentivization. No matter how technologically advanced we get as a society, our perspective will always be that nothing can surpass the human bond and brand relationship formed from a physical experience.