The term ‘data analytics’ (or ‘DA’) is part of our analytics consulting service and it is generally used to define the process of using an algorithmic or mechanical process to derive insights that can then be leveraged from a business-like perspective; it represents one of the first steps within our Performance Management service, as it allows us to ensure our end-to-end services meet and exceed usual CAGR expectations.

Often times, data analytics is done through specialized computer systems or web analytics tools that allow data analysts to look at historical statistics over time and to consequently extract meaning from such raw data, in order to mine and interpret the information they contain. Analytics consulting is a quite common practice across different types of business fields, as it can usefully inform decision making and allow for both a better understanding and a readjustment/retooling on the efficacy of adopted models and/or approaches. As a digital marketing tool, data analytics gathers both qualitative and quantitative types of observations, which are then employed by digital marketers to support and improve their productivity and revenues. In fact, through web analytics, visitors and browsing data are extracted and organized in categories highlighting details such as behavioral and purchasing patterns, which can clearly become quite useful assets from a strategic stand-point – for both B2B and B2C types of entities.

At netamorphosis we utilize a variety of analytical tools ranging from Google Analytics to more robust eCommerce 3rd Party solutions such as Adobe’s Omniture. However, in our experience data analytics is not just about analyzing data that has been captured through a certified web analytics service provider for planning purposes. In fact, we also often devise custom reporting capabilities for older, less nimble or sophisticated database architecture: a key aspect within part of our Technology service offering is our capacity to ensure legacy system integration.

Moreover, all key phases within neta’s end-to-end suite of services are constantly fueled by data, from strategy outlining and planning, to design and implementation. In our terms, this is why data analytics ultimately serve as a directional guide, revealing insights directly related to our client’s customer behavior(s), that leads to strategies as to how we can collectively facilitate deeper customer engagement.