Lyde Spann
Creative Director

Carly Link
UX Design Manager

Frank Johnson
UX Designer & Developer

UX design

  • user research & analytics
  • persona journeys & scenario modeling
  • in-copy wireframing
  • responsive design
  • interactive design
  • A/B testing
  • interior design

User Experience Design is ultimately about listening and responding; as well as, understanding data metrics and financial measurements in order to define and subsequently achieve maximum customer engagement. Effective communication through UX design requires a deep understanding of the brand, its content, the over-arching business and the context of technology.

Digital devices and platforms provide us, as UX designers, with the information we need to make informed decisions; it has made our lives smarter and more efficient. At neta, we believe that great design can change the way that people and brands interact with one another. UX design is often too abstract, limited, and while inspired by ‘blue prints’ or schematics, can be void of the content that ultimately connects digital design to its target audience. We also believe that graphic design comps need to reflect final creative assets before final design sign-off is given at times, because this is what the end-user will be seeing, as opposed to placeholder copy and images. We’ve found that this integrated content approach to digital design, reflective in both our in-copy wireframes and fully designed comps, has not only produced award-winning user experiences, but has also pioneered web structure elements that have become the ‘new norm’, whether it’s tab filtered product copy on eCommerce product pages, or the first ever email overlay to facilitate email address name capture.

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Responsive Design

More than 50% of users are accessing the web via mobile devices and we as a culture, will only become more reliant on our mobile devices. We examine the unique constraints and opportunities offered by any given platform, and through the application of an iterative design process, we engineer interfaces that lead to conversion across devices.

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Interior Design

In alignment with our omnichannel perspective, we know that true user experience may incorporate physical channels. Many of our digital platform aesthetics are derived from physical counter-parts and inversely, physical spaces become about communicating digital services and convenience through effective user-centric messaging. Whether we’re maximizing fixture interaction backed by square inch analysis or designing the physical build-out and custom working tables in our own office, we believe that the right environment is key.