Lyde Spann
Back-end Solutions Architect

Brittany Queeney
Sr. Operations Manager

Frank Johnson
UX Designer & Developer


  • CMS configuration
  • technology audits & roadmaps
  • front-end development
  • back-end systems integration
  • mobile apps & responsive design
  • eCommerce
  • deployment of sites, maintenance, hosting and infrastructure

We believe that technology is leverage; it provides resource efficiency, facilitates clearer communications and informs us, as direct marketers, more about our customer, which leads to improved user experiences through the use of strategically integrated systems. At neta, we architect platforms that integrate all disciplines–technology, data transparency, creative, user experience and design–within a brand’s digital ecosystem.

One of the biggest challenges we face in devising and implementing technology platforms is the integration of legacy systems, where one of two things typically happens. First, there is a lack of knowledge surrounding data elements within older software, pre open source days, which also precludes public domain knowledge; and second, there is a lack of accountability for integration with that legacy system, which means that lack of ownership leads to inefficient (costly) and ineffective system integrations that ultimately continue to hinder company operations and can impede the user’s experience. Inversely, it is vital in our increasingly tech-forward way of living to understand how people receive and digest the information in which to make decisions. By looking beyond the product or service that our client is selling in a deep competitive analysis that we call the ‘comp set’ during our strategy, as well as, completing a comprehensive review of company-wide systems, we generate solutions for what is technologically scalable towards our defined performance growth objectives.

Our technology solutions typically go live ‘bug-free’, a rarity. With a solid foundation in technology databases, culled from our combination of thirty-seven years in building platforms across the globe… within the finance, health/medical/wellness, home, fashion & accessories, lifestyle, beauty, NGO, gourmet, and arts sectors, we bring our expertise in CMS, responsive technology design, eCommerce system integration to nimbly adapt to growth challenges presented given solution dynamics.


Services - Technology - Responsive Design & Developement

Responsive Design & Development

Responsive web design responds to the user’s environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. We’ve found that unless the design places ‘equal’ priority on various grid layouts, web platforms get built lop-sided. We build fully responsive platforms for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows. Our deep expertise across a wide variety of web technologies, platforms and tools allow us to achieve award-winning design delivered with the fastest performance across all types of devices.

Services - Technology - Legacy Systems Integration | netamorphosis

Legacy Systems Integration

Often in order to build for the future, there are custom integrations required, that protect legacy mainframe systems and the information within them. This is the hardest work in platform development and it is our specialty. Simply said, we are unparalleled in our success rates of complex systems integration, and up to this day, haven’t met a system where we couldn’t resolve a way to build a scalable platform for growth.