Lyde Spann
Chief Strategist

Frank Johnson
UX Designer & Developer


  • brand (CID) planning
  • campaign & website analytics
  • competitive audit
  • user research
  • product/service strategy
  • channel planning
  • SEO audit
  • P&L financial planning

Before we commit to a single pixel, piece of content, or line of code, we take a step back to discover the intricacies of your present-day business, learn about the competitive landscape and, through strategic planning, plot a comprehensive roadmap that will drive your business forward within the rapid pace of technological innovation as consumers become more and more discerning about the products and services they subscribe to.

In order to achieve success in today’s world, businesses must predict trends and anticipate the evolution of the technological landscape, but more critically they must anticipate what is considered a ‘priority’ to their audience engagement, and what would provide the ROI worth the effort. Whether companies need to re-design and launch a new eCommerce enabled web platform, reorganize talent, or build out infrastructure requiring CapEx investment (which we help them do from the ground up), our team provides on-the-ground digital and operational support throughout the implementation as a result of our strategic consulting.

As a strategy consulting or digital agency devising the ‘right sized solution’, our biggest differentiator is that we project channel and digital attribution, we re-calibrate what we consider ‘un-healthy’ financials in which to achieve margin objectives, and we project the way forward on a monthly basis, driven by metric thresholds. This has served as both a cost/budget protection and a capital raising predecessor. And when the future is risky to project, what company today doesn’t want the financial diligence performed typically at a CFO level prior to investing in strategic growth opportunities?

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Revenue model planning is our specialty. Our tactical recommendations include new revenue stream generation, new audience segment activation, or most commonly, a diversification of revenue model generation to yield optimal, risk-adverse results. We understand revenue potential and that streamlined P&Ls are imperative. The majority of strategies that we deliver evolve into Executive or Investor relevant ‘pitch decks’ where our higher-level strategy financial earmarking evolves into robust, comprehensive financial models.

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Understanding both financial monetization and its fiscal investment is only half of the challenge; ensuring that there are appropriate human resources and capabilities through either in-house teams or neta team resources is paramount to reaching growth potential. We’ve overseen the manning of start-up eCommerce channels, store staff and restructuring of larger marketing and retail organizations exceeding 1,000+ employees. Our approach evaluates short, mid and longer-term priorities with current and required skillsets, organizational efficiencies, systems and inherent technology.