Lyde Spann
Chief Marketing Officer

Yashi Gudka
Data Science and Performance Analyst

Performance Management

  • PPC oversight & display advertising
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • inbound link building
  • print media management
  • blogger & influencer outreach
  • pr management
  • email strategy & execution
  • cross-channel marketing campaigns
  • affiliate networks

Performance management in n e t a – speak is when we take on the performance management of a client’s channel (such as eCommerce) or the role of CMO company-wide, which means we oversee in-house marketing, content and eCommerce resources, marketing partners (up to 8 concurrent, thus far) and determine annual marketing spend/customer acquisition objectives at the executive level, typically reporting into the CEO. We call this our ‘We Work solution, and we recommend this offering for organizations falling in betwixt and between and positioned for accelerated growth. A company or organization may be on the verge of bringing ‘on’ a CMO-level executive, but the reality is that a CMO would need to hire an analyst, someone to oversee email marketing, possibly a graphic designer, a technical SEO writer (in essence a head count of CMO + 4 = 5, as opposed to just 1). We perform the CMO role, but with the added benefit of 4 technical resources and support resources such as project managers and interns to increase productivity, while at the annual salary of just a CMO (less 33% employee cost-savings and additional overhead). We establish quarterly performance objectives in which to incentivize the team in order to achieve results that exceed expectations. This service requires a Strategy + Design/Build implementation as a pre-requisite, whereby we accumulate at least 6 months of performance KPI’s, from which we deliver a comprehensive CMO-level annual MarCom Plan that defines performance targets, initiatives and tactics in which to achieve those targets and the resources in which to execute them.

For smaller scale companies that achieve less than $1M in annual revenues and may not be able to afford a dedicated resource tied to eCommerce or Marketing; we essentially fill this role. Following a ‘lite’ version of our Strategy, termed our eCommerce + SEO Audit, we establish a baseline of tasks that are accentuated by our expertise, and what we believe is required to drive performance of a particular channel or organizational visibility through growth objective definition. Once we understand our analytics performance benchmarks and brand design sensitivities that centralize the end-user’s experience across all channels, we’re able to step-in at palatable budgets, to handle production & publishing need(s), while leveraging our data-driven approach with proven results considerably greater than ‘baseline’ CAGR expectations. Similar to our CMO level performance management engagement, we operate towards achieving an annual projections plan that ties quarterly bonus targets to performance objectives that exceed baseline expectations.

Performance management truly encompasses all of the elements that will help your business (both online and offline) to grow. By measuring certain performance indicators and conducting detailed research with keywords, your overall digital presence, and cross-channel marketing campaigns, we are able to fully understand key points of success and attainable goals. We consider our Performance management service offering the ultimate win-win!

Services - Performance Management - Integrated Consumer-Centric Campaigns

Integrated Consumer-Centric Campaigns

Our customer-centric approach is fundamentally grounded by 3 primary philosophies. Firstly, the notion that what is good for the customer is good for the business. Secondly, that an integrated campaign approach translates into a powerful user experience. Lastly, that efficient asset marketing serves as an editing ‘eye’ for what will inspire a consumer’s response while leveraging the strongest assets and, therefore, resources.