Lyde Spann
Head of Technology

Brittany Queeney
Sr. Operations Manager

What our maintenance and hosting looks like

  • immediate 24/7 responsiveness to production issues
  • infrastructure support with certified developers
  • 24/7 site uptime & performance monitoring
  • ongoing development & site enhancements
  • system audits that devise scalable solutions
  • hosting recommendations

Having overseen and architected the launch and growth of companies such as Zara, which scaled to $1.5 Billion online with one of the fastest online on-ramps to date, and also devised hosting and web maintenance solutions for brands that are at their inception with self-financed marketing budgets, where platform and cost efficiencies are paramount to ensure graduating to the next level, we understand the value and importance of infrastructure that supports the ‘right sized solution’.


Once a digital platform ‘goes live’, the next concern becomes monthly site maintenance costs across resources, including: developers, graphic designers, marketers, and other roles required to continue to evolve the digital property, while ensuring that time, energy and budget can be focused towards customer acquisition. We take all of this into mind when partnering and devising website maintenance solutions with our development and programming partners, in order to select the appropriate platform solution along with 24/7 support, as a 1-stop shop for both hosting support and continuous programmatic changes.

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Technology Partners

Our greatest platform innovations come from collaborations between our close-knit teams of in-house strategists, designers, front-end developers, analysts and specialty programming partners that develop the world’s best eCommerce and CMS platforms.