Lyde Spann
eCommerce Implementation Lead

Carly Link
UX Design Manager

Configuration and integrations that cover

  • tax systems
  • payment gateways
  • fraud detection
  • loyalty programs
  • email campaign systems
  • affiliate programs

80% of the strategies we deliver and platforms we build center around eCommerce. With more experience in eCommerce strategy and execution than anyone else in the industry, netamorphosis is founded on our collective years as the respective head(s) of Digital & Omnichannel operations for such leading companies and organizations as Zara, Zara Home, MoMA, west elm, Purificación García to B2C finance institutions such as JP Morgan Chase and HSBC. The eCommerce channel is core within our Omnichannel solutions.

What differentiates us from other eCommerce consultants is that we build tactics from the P&L up and from the Analytics side down. We evaluate metric performance across KPI’s, to understand channel ‘health’ and future growth/revenue potential. For first platform iterations, we project performance to appropriate the right-sized and most cost-effective eCommerce platform in order to achieve growth and scale objectives.

What differentiates us from other digital agencies is that our analytics based approach and ‘transactional objectives’ informs our user experience, which leads to significantly higher conversion rates than present day averages. This is where we start in terms of implementing our eCommerce growth strategies. Once conversion has ‘hit its’ potential, we shift focus towards other metric drivers that leads to unparalleled exponential growth.

Services - eCommerce - Responsive Design | netamorphosis

Responsive Design

More than 50% of users are accessing the web via mobile devices and we as a culture, will only become more reliant on our mobile devices. We examine the unique constraints and opportunities offered by any given platform, and through the application of an iterative design process, we engineer interfaces that lead to dramatic conversion increases (on average +37% for our clients) across devices.

Services - eCommerce Strategy- B2B + B2C Implementations | netamorphosis

B2B + B2C Implementations

When people think of eCommerce, they tend to think solely of the B2C or DTC experience, but eCommerce platform technologies are evolving to be able to handle more sophisticated B2B and tracking offline channel influence. Simply put, we have success in both.

Services - eCommerce Strategy - Technical Roadmaps and Platform Assessments | netamorphosis

Technical Roadmaps and Platform Assessments

The appropriate technology platform is paramount to achieve growth objectives; it allows for scale and facilitates a dynamic consumer experience. From our initial strategic assessment, through to enduring relationships where we optimize platform technologies through relevant technology integrations that continuously optimize channel performance, we are your eCommerce technology experts.

Services - eCommerce Strategy - Implementation of PIM | netamorphosis

Implementation of PIM

The product page is the heart of all eCommerce experiences. It is where the purchase decision is made and where the bulk of eCommerce platform content and copy is displayed. Prior to platform launches or re-launches, our team architects, populates and tests through rigorous end-to-end UAT to ensure product assortments are at the highest quality.

Services - eCommerce Strategy - Integration with ERP, OMS and CRM systems | netamorphosis

Integration with ERP, OMS and CRM Systems

We’ve witnessed too many times the breakdown of communication, once an order is placed online. From “out of the box” API integrations to complex, customized data architect; we facilitate transparency in regards to inventories, understanding cross-channel consumer behaviors and achieving accuracy of channel performance.