Lyde Spann
Chief Architect & Creative Director

Kirby Shulman
Sr. Digital Project Manager

Ariel Feingold
Creative Assistant

Content Creation

  • content strategy & planning
  • eCommerce content (All)
  • photography
  • technical SEO services
  • long form blog posts
  • content re-purposing
  • social & mobile

Content creation, publishing copywriting and optimization collectively is the largest expense of engaging audiences and revenue growth across all channels. Within the content quandary, the greatest challenge may be producing content that’s timely, relevant, cost-effective and compelling.

Whether we’re developing voice, art direction, solidifying the identity and cultural resonance of a go-to-market brand through emotional tenants or re-defining content agility that ultimately develops and repurposes content for maximum consumer reach that requires strategy, technical SEO assessment, and the capability to connect with target audiences, the strategy behind our content creation services is centered on the distillation of messaging that connects with consumers in .05 seconds. Once audience attention is captivated, the next immediate goal is to engage, which translates into a variety of metric objectives, and in today’s context means serving appropriated content based on format. Be it a transactional objective on an eCommerce website, procuring investment from an Investor on behalf of a client, or a digital platform where conversions happen offline, in an omnichannel environment; content is king or queen (depending on whom you’re speaking to). In today’s world, brand content publishing, otherwise known as content distribution, has become complex.

At the end of the day, the objective of a brand is simple: to connect, to engage and to exchange. In helping our clients achieve this, we transform brands, we strengthen company performance and ROI, we overhaul communication workflows and technological infrastructures and we equip clients with the tools, knowledge and capability to become brand leaders.

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We evaluate the relationship between our clients and their target audiences, defining who they are and how they should engage; what they should say and how; when and where they should say it. Utilizing the digital platform as a flagship from which all creative assets originate, we ensure consistency across all consumer touch points. We establish this framework in our Strategy at the outset of our working together, and depending on our clients’ needs, work with them from a minimum 3-month engagement, up to becoming an enduring publishing partner.

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Information Architecture

From a digital platform POV, Information Architecture typically gets relegated as a high-level Site Map Visio Diagram that feels abstract and doesn’t connect nuance. This “agency norm” hasn’t served the dynamism of where and how audiences engage with content in all of its varied formats. To successfully create effective structures through our content creation service, we integrate metadata, taxonomy, technical copywriting, and brand copywriting that improves content “searchability”, supports advanced analytics and promotes modular cross-channel content.

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Content Development

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to create and develop: custom content, long form blog posts that garner top ranking spots in Google, videos and images produced by ourselves (not through 3rd parties) and copywriting that wins awards and industry recognition. Our biggest differentiators when comparing our services to another digital or creative agency is that although we value quality first, we evaluate content through the lens of ROI; when content is digital’s “new rent”, don’t you want the best square footage value?