Lyde Spann
Chief Data Architect

Izzy Bellino
Content Analyst

Yashi Gudka
Data Science and Performance Analyst

Key Services

  • KPI specific dashboards & custom reports
  • online / offline metric driven financial modeling
  • weekly & monthly analysis, reporting & recommendations
  • converison funnel analysis
  • competitive intelligence
  • heatmap implementation & analysis
  • promotional email analysis
  • advanced tracking implementation
  • A/B testing

Our primary objective is to ensure maximum audience engagement by forecasting revenue potential through the revenue channels our team is tasked to grow. In our initial Strategy Phase, we take the time to define the appropriate KPI’s most relevant for your company’s growth opportunity. Through detailed analysis of online metrics, both current performance and future target objectives; offline influence including store productivity, call center performance targets, and supplemental revenue streams, we carve a way forward bolstered by tangible measurements and progress indicators that allows our team to adaptively respond along the way.


Often, analytics is not tied to channel P&L performance, leading to incomplete (and rather shallow) ROI indicators. Our analytics consulting differs from other business consultancies and digital agencies by taking into account all expenses, not just marketing spend, that supports online and offline channels.


In addition to unveiling and optimizing existing data systems, we also build customer relationship management (CRM) and measurement infrastructures from the ground up, seamlessly connecting testing, audience targeting, analytics and optimization. Our services increase overall business performance (on average +165% via our 3 Year CAGR), channel productivity (within 12 mo. of strategic positioning our clients experience a conversion rate increase of 37%), customer value, focus team efforts and boost channel ROI for our clients which brings us towards cost-efficient and profitable growth.

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Strategy & Implementation

We calculate our clients’ historical performance, or for pre-revenue companies, establish vetted metric assumptions that we use to plot future projected performance. Contingent upon the growth opportunity, we supplement metric projections with detailed product category and price point analysis, offline channel influence and create a high-level P&L that defines both growth and ROI potential. We then tie our ‘build‘ budgets to our metrics-based projections; we work backwards from an Ad Cost Ratio, so that our clients never overspend.

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Marketing, Email, Social & CRM Analytics

From the day we are tasked with a build or accountability for Performance Management, we begin weekly and monthly reporting that hones in on audience growth objectives and customer value metrics. Once a platform is launched or re-positioned, we optimize the channel through advanced tracking, A/B testing, CRM, and consumer segmentation. These consumer touch-point initiatives focus on the all important conversion metric first, and once optimization is achieved, our focus shifts to traffic acquisition.

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Data Monetization

One of the most challenging elements in successful omnichannel implementation is the capability to measure offline influence through attribution and equate the lowest level visitor metrics, such as a session, a monetary value. We call this ‘integrative analytics’, and it typically involves statistical modeling and a hybrid of multiple analytics platforms to derive customer value. This has taken the form of cross-revenue opportunity modeling for institutions such as the New Museum and equating “heads in beds” for healthcare & treatment facilities such as Newport Academy.