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With the advent of the Affordable Health Care Act, meaningful treatment became available to more teens and their families struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders. Demand for quality treatment also quadrupled within the past decade, attributed to the national opioid epidemic as drug overdose become the leading cause of accidental death in the United States in 2015, combined with the increasing prevalence of new disorders such as cell phone and social media addiction impacting adolescents today. Enter Newport Academy. Newport Academy, established in 2008, is a pioneer in the adolescent and young adult mental health treatment space. In addition to their cutting edge Residential Treatment Programs, they opened one of the first recovery high schools in the United States. Founded by Jamison and his family, Newport Academy has built a comprehensive treatment alternative to teen rehabilitation.

Effectively communicating the highest level of quality care within a competitive space.

Given a heavy focus on digital marketing within the teen rehab space, netamorphosis was initially retained to strengthen a digital platform re-positioning strategy, preceding a significant website re-design effort that was already underway with other 3rd Party partners. However, through the course of our 8-week discovery and subsequent omnichannel delivery, we uncovered inefficient resources in the realms of SEO services, Maintenance & Hosting, and Design. While we first focused on migrating the hosting and development to a valued and trusted partner relationship within the ‘neta network’ through tactful CMS implementation, we proposed that, in the realms of both 3rd Party SEO and Design partners, that if we matched existing financial planning budgets, we could produce better results.

Establishing an end-to-end omnichannel solution that leads to maximum growth potential.

What so many business intelligence consulting organizations fail to understand is that websites aren’t solely purposed to serve as a marketing platform or a transactional sales channel. Oftentimes, the end-to-end consumer experience and technical administration of a website is overlooked by siloed 3rd Parties and (timeline and budget) under-estimated by management. In our work with Newport Academy, the underpinnings of were incredibly valued given the prominence of Google in the teen rehab space, and when re-architecting and branding, had to be handled with care in order to leverage Google rankings. Our work with Newport Academy in the SEO space could be considered ‘defense’ in this respect prior to the re-launch of and ‘offense’ post-launch when our focus could shift towards content publishing and back-linking given its quality content and positioning.

Our efforts in re-branding Newport Academy’s comprehensive treatment model initially focused on the copywriting process, to ensure that complex clinical, experiential, academic, spiritual and family-systems modalities were conveyed in easy-to-digest format for parents and key decision makers, while establishing engagement within the treatment community. Newport Academy’s visual identity had a strong starting point that was supplemented by a great in-house content team, and was enhanced through our visual updates to the logo and identity as expanded through a video bumper, website design, email marketing templates, digital/print advertising and new content/digital assets syndicated throughout Newport Academy’s media points of presence. The strength of our analytics consulting services aided our strategy, which called for a re-prioritization of email marketing that we templatized through a series of dynamic Mailchimp templates. We also sensed the context, given target parental demographics, that traditional call centers would become obsolete, so we took an approach via AirBnB’s platform to prioritize the integration of user-friendly forms that would facilitate the Admissions team with more integral data, so that they could focus on the conversation at hand, one of comprehensive care.

Our Results

As Newport Academy’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), we oversee Newport Academy’s content team, clinical outreach marketing collateral, SEO and 8 distinct marketing 3rd Party partners; we are achieving new growth objectives…each and every day.

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