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Catherine Holstein, a force to be reckoned with in women’s fashion, understood the emotional void facing women today. When she stepped into our office, equipped with a mood board providing the solution for her customer; who is on the hunt for strength, luxury, practicality and comfort, after 1 hour with Cate…we were ‘in’.

The seamless transition from approachability to luxury and from vision to reality.

In contrast with financial planning consultants who may require hefty consultant fee retainers, and creative or digital agencies that only work with companies where they are equipped to execute an entire digital platform, eCommerce website or campaign, we believe in vision meets viability. We find as much inspiration in bringing a concept to the point of reality as we do in launching one of the highest grossing revenue fashion websites in the world, Zara. At the outset of the world that would become Khaite, on the brand positioning side, there were emotional, competitive, visual components that needed to marinate in order to solidify into a more cohesive visual expression. On the product side, while there was undisputed talent, there was also deep item and sourcing/manufacturing COGs analysis to derive approachable price points, while maintaining design and quality levels on par with Europe’s finest luxury brands. Lastly, there was an approach to distribution that had to be considered; while retail stores still represent the lion’s share of luxury revenues, it is a new era that requires a different approach to eCommerce. Increasingly more emerging brands were surfacing in the eCommerce and direct-to-consumer showroom approach that offered more intimate experiential retail.

Results - Khaite - Fact | netamorphosis
Results - Khaite - Fact | netamorphosis

“I want poster campaigns downtown pre NYC Fashion Week” – Catherine Holstein, Designer

Different visions and ultimately brands require different means of capitalization that benefit from a creative execution of an omnichannel strategy. With a luxury brand that would compete alongside the most well-recognized and respected brands in the fashion world, Cate’s concept required the right strategic investment partner. While neta is not an investment bank, nor an investment broker, we are translators of vision. We understand how to convey vision, but more than that, we work hand-in-hand with the entrepreneurs, companies and organizations with whom we partner, where our role is to:

  • Ensure that the vision of a new brand roll-out or platform re-launch is as compelling as it will be to its core audience
  • To cross t’s and dot i’s when it comes to comprehensive financial models that will leave prospective investor questions unanswered in essence because the implementation or go-to market strategy has been so considered that there will be limited surprises and therefore, limited risk


  • To serve as a sounding board at a scary, but exciting time, in order to identify the right type of financial investor or partner and to ultimately put you in touch with the right people, be it an attorney or a seasoned investor to ‘kick the tires’ that provides the opportunity to close a deal

And, that is just what we did for Catherine…we helped her secure the right investment partner that brought her vision to life.

Our Results

We have a term for “determination” called “pulling a Cate’” or now, “pulling a Khaite” and all we know is that we’re ready for Khaite’s next collection.

  • Secured 100% of target raise with preferred strategic partner
  • Launched in Fall 2016 exclusively at The Line; now available online via multiple premium outlets
  • # of posters at time of launch = 40 (in downtown Manhattan and Williamsburg)

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