Awe Inspired is a mission-driven jewelry company that supports women who are strong and generous by embodying the resilient feminine spirit. Awe donates 20% of all profits to a charity of their customers’ choosing, and have painstakingly curated Goddess jewelry that honors symbols of feminine power throughout history and mythology.

Awe launched an innovative Goddess Quiz to help customers match their personalities to the nearest Goddess’s using a third-party app on their Shopify site. But, they were quickly outgrowing their quiz platform; they needed more customization, proper analytics, and a more robust personality scoring system that still allowed for the ability to scale.

neta moved lightly and quickly to deliver a new Goddess Quiz and Quiz Builder application to Awe Inspired within three months of strategy delivery. Together we found solutions to challenging design problems, learned a lot of new math, and launched the most fully-featured interactive e-commerce quiz on the web today.

A dynamically static app

The Challenge: All existing Shopify quiz solutions relied on server-rendered (often called dynamic) pages embedded into the site, so if a quiz vendor’s site went down so did your quiz.

The Solution: We took the innovative step of embedding the quiz as a static app and mirroring it directly into Awe Inspired’s Shopify site, the first of its kind on Shopify. This app will never go down, because it is just a set of extremely small, extremely powerful files. It also happens to be blazingly fast.

Scalability requires true editability

The Challenge: Awe’s biggest pain point with their previous quiz platform was the lack of ease in its editability, both in designing rich pages and in tweaking the personality quiz scoring system.

The Solution: neta built a Quiz Builder platform that allows for the creation of quizzes that are visually distinct but remain easy to manage, employing the headless CMS Strapi to make future development independent of Shopify and the Shopify App platform.

Balancing commerce and personality

The Challenge: All existing quiz platforms use either a tree-based or point-based system to calculate a user’s result. Awe found their existing tree-based system unable to scale past 10 results before becoming a tangled mess: questions couldn’t be reordered, and it was impossible to analyze if a Goddess wasn’t being given her fair shake in the Quiz. They also wanted the ability to show multiple goddesses within the Results page, with the ability to boost Goddesses that were timely or performing well from a commerce perspective.

The Solution: Our Quiz Builder uses a point-based system, with the addition of a ranked ordering of the results, as well as, the constraint that the goddesses must be distributed across the answers of each question evenly. We found that this setup made a nearly-even distribution of Goddesses in 1st place across all possible playthrough, with the critical caveat that ~40% of these result in a tie for 1st place. The ranking simply determines which Goddess wins in a tie, so that Awe can promote a Goddess without manipulating outcomes.