netamorphosis was founded with the lofty objective to change the status quo of what working with a 3rd Party looks and feels like…whether business consultants or creative agencies, and to become the 1st performance-driven pricing model growth consultancy, that incentivizes compensation in order to drive dramatic results through leadership and execution of marketing, operational and omnichannel development. for companies of all sizes.

Collaboration is communication and at our core we are translators.

We partner with companies at different inflection points during their evolution. We integrate ourselves into your team, clearly articulating your goals reinforced by tactical implementation, so that we have a shared path forward. Communication is efficient, through regular working sessions, TB’s (touch bases), comprehensive analytical and financial planning models and detailed visual & video guides. Our work ranges from a 4-week strategic planning engagement to an ongoing support partnership where we supplement key leadership as our clients navigate the dynamics of growth.

“We speak the languages of:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors & board members
  • Producers
  • Copywriters
  • Information architects
  • Merchants & buyers
  • Data scientists
  • Designers
  • Programmers
  • Lawyers
  • Marketers

…and ultimately neta-speak which creates a tight-knit cohesion between our team and our clients.”

Lyde Spann Uffelman, Founder & CEO

Our single most important interview question is: What was your greatest learning experience that resulted from a mistake?

My favorite part about working at neta is that we’re constantly learning new skill sets, technologies and platforms as we create solutions for our clients’ challenges.”

Ryan Roberts, Head of Creative Content

We believe that to chart uncharted territory there are inevitably missteps. We like to qualify our approach as calculated risk-taking, and having conceived of many of the web design structures of today, bringing new concepts to audiences where they have become household names…in the United States, in Spain…and globally, we’re not afraid to make mistakes along the way.

Typically entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations hire us in one of three stages:

  1. A need to bring a concept to market.
  2. In the midst of growth, with a need to focus, prioritize and stabilize.
  3. A need to invigorate new life into a company or organization.

We call these ‘growth-inflection’ points. They are also periods that allow for company transformation. We don’t want to be your ‘agency of record’ for the sake of maintaining assets (or a retainer), but we do want to collectively ‘hit our growth targets’. Our primary objective is to build businesses that last, that have an impact on the world around us and our culture.

If your values are aligned with ours, it’s a guarantee for success (1+1 = 3).

First and foremost, we’re a passion-driven group of hard-working people. Ultimately, the client partnerships that drive the greatest results; both financially, superceding the neta 3-Yr CAGR average of 208% and personally (life-long relationships that materialize into unexpected offspring…and even introduced the parents of a baby named Finn!) are when we share in the values and attributes of our clients.

What We Value:

  • Strategy First
  • Creatively Inspired
  • Emotionally Invested
  • OmniChannel + Digitally Led via eCommerce
  • Fiscally Based and Metrics Driven
  • Culturally Perceptive

We project your future, tie our budgets to EBITDA profitability objectives and hold ourselves accountable for both. (Who else does that? oh yeah….no one)

The largest decision-making issue when considering a 3rd Party agency is expense, without guaranteed ROI. Typically both consultant and creative agencies gauge the wallet of the prospective client they are considering and tie their proposed pricing to that, and they might also comp it (i.e. comparison) to their competitors. One of the earliest concepts we learned when seeking investment for building digital operations 18 years ago was the power of ROI, at the CFO level. This serves as the basis of our pricing model(s), whether we are acting as your interim CMO, we’re helping you raise capital to support significant strategic (CapEx) initiatives, providing analytics consulting, post digital platform launch to achieve immediate performance objectivesor if we’re going to boot strap a re-platforming of your digital or eCommerce operation.

In all scenarios, we are conservative in our projections, and this serves (2) purposes,

  1. To protect your upside.
  2. To strengthen the partnership and trust factor between us.

So far, our client average is typically within +/-10% in actual performance vs. projections, which means our client(s) never overpay for our services, and can have a new baseline in what is an uncertain time…the period of growth (value = priceless).

What’s in a name? Well, when you create branded platforms for a living…everything.

For a company that is centered around navigating change management and transformation, internet technologies and net income (i.e. achieving significant EBITDA profitability) in 2009 (more than 20 years after the world wide web was invented), the fact that the name netamorphosis was available means we’re destined to be doing exactly what we’re doing.