We’re a new way of collaboration; think McKinsey meets a top notch creative or digital agency specializing in eCommerce that works with start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

We’re a team comprised of analysts, designers (both graphic and interior), teambuilding specialists, digital marketers, project managers and enthusiastic learners…what binds us together is a passion for helping others, a fearlessness of the unknown and the capability to motivate and implement ideas into reality.


The concept.

In 2011, netamorphosis was founded as a concept based on my collective years of experience as the Head of digital or omnichannel operations for Zara, the Museum of Modern Art, and west elm. The concept was structured around success tactics learned from globally recognized organizations with the premise of applying these tactics to smaller scale operations dealing with dynamics and complexity that would result in a foundation for success in today’s digital economy.

netamorphosis is our CMO”

Jamison Monroe, Founder & CEO

netamorphosis is digital eCommerce expertise.”

Caroline Siegal, SVP, Marketing

Prior to founding neta and having professionally grown up during the nascent stages of the digital era, I was fortunate to be able to embrace entrepreneurialism within the supported infrastructure of corporate environments. The skills acquired as the lead and sometimes sole member of eCommerce departments ranged across almost all disciplines of business: creative, strategic planning, financial planning, budget procurement and omnichannel operations; however, most paths towards promotion would inevitably lead to a restriction or lack of exposure to specific aspects… albeit the CMO of MoMA or the Head of a Retail territory for Inditex (the company that owns Zara, and most well known for disrupting the fashion supply chain).

When I left Zara, following the global economic recession (where the global eCommerce Strategy that Carlos Prieto and I devised together, would be put into place 3.5 years later), I was weighing leadership offers from Amazon and Harrods. While I was often inspired by the global behemoth making the offer, I realized that what I had acquired through my 13 years of prior digital leadership experience was the capability to build things…either to launch a brand from scratch (west elm), reimagine and rebrand a global institution during a transformational juncture (MoMA following their acclaimed 2004 midtown Manhattan re-opening), or as the first American in the HQ of the largest fashion retailer in the world (Zara), where I guided a complex foreign culture towards unfamiliar territory at an equally uncertain time (2009).

While my role embodied leadership, it was centered around bringing about transformation…embracing technology, big data and facilitating dynamism with existing resources. While a leadership role at a global behemoth would present its own unique set of challenges, I was also inspired to work with people who shared a similar entrepreneurial spirit and set of common values that was driven by building great things as opposed to economic motivations. With this realization came the hypothesis and calculated risk that would found netamorphosis…that the journey if aligned with people who shared in these values would be more enjoyable and the outcomes would be greater.

The beginning…“Tested”.

I had only worked at an “agency” at the outset of my 20’s as an IT project manager that built financial applications for the largest banking websites in the world…and never worked at a creative agency, a digital agency or advertising agency. As the head of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) for some of the most recognized and at times conservative organizations, I was encouraged to work with business consultants and 3rd Parties that specialized in IT, fulfillment, operations or marketing, but I found them overpriced, generic, and detached…very rarely did I see the ROI or return on their expense, and often the relationship ended in frustration from broken promises.

In connecting the dots between these 3 distinct experiences, there were essentially 3 primary questions:

  1. Could a growth process (i.e. learnings from these distinct entities) be formulated that ultimately could be replicated across organizations of varied scale and sectors or was each inherently autonomous and therefore, tailored?
  2. If this process was applied across smaller teams (both on the client and neta side) with direct access to key decision makers, could growth happen faster and be better managed?
  3. Through transparent metrics that were shared and centralized efforts, would there be greater levels of growth (CAGR) achieved? And…would there also be:
    • Healthier communication
    • Stronger working relationships
    • More integral platforms

neta understands the big picture, while taking the time to learn the details and inner-workings of an organization to carve out the ‘right-sized’ solution.”

Beth Buccini, Founder & CEO

neta is an experience–backed, results-driven, full-service agency, driven by a methodical end-to-end process.”

Rose Malindretos, General Manager

…And the inherent 4th question, would it be more fun?

neta was founded in an apartment of 311 ft2, and although we specialize in delivering robust business plans or investor decks for our clients; we, ourselves, did not have a plan at this stage that we call our ‘testing’ phase. I went about working with all kinds of people, mostly determined entrepreneurs, and as I was uncertain of how payment structures worked, I created basic letters of engagement where (in most cases) the client decided what amount they wanted to pay. During the next 3 years, I worked with more than 35 entrepreneurs, non-profits and companies, including a billion dollar international olive oil and specialty food retailer. These experiences resulted in the netamorphosis growth process, that led to an average 3-Year CAGR of +324% for the 20 business entities that completed the neta process. People found us by word of mouth; there was no website and our growth results, conscientious approach and relationships that we were building, were our only form of marketing.

Our official launch, “Proven”.

In 2014, we launched netamorphosis.com, which essentially opened our door for business. Our objective at the time was to extend our network reach and to help achieve unprecedented growth for companies ranging from tech start-ups to traditional department store retail. What was not anticipated at the time was the scale of companies and quality of talent that would be knocking at our door immediately following our email announcement and “lite” social media outreach. In the 2 years that followed we grew +146%.

  • We’ve retained top talent
  • We’ve worked with more than 60 entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations…spanning fashion, technology, medical/health/wellness, luxury retail, beauty, home/lifestyle, the arts and NGO sectors
  • We’ve strategically contributed to raising $66M in seed and debt financing from VC’s, angel investors and financial institutions
  • As of April 1, 2017, netamorphosis strategies have delivered $1.6 Billion in annual online revenues for the preceding 12 months
  • And we’ve helped companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Denmark and India

We are now “Invested”.

neta also cares and is a genuine partner in crime during a stressful, scary and exciting launch of a new business.”

Gill Linton, Founder

We are now invested…invested in the businesses we have helped to cultivate, in the relationships that we have fostered with those businesses, in our employees (with the mantra that if you’re no longer learning, you’re no longer growing) and we are moved by the cultures that we help to shift.

We strive to have the greatest impact on the world around us, to equip business leaders with the knowledge required to make the most informed decisions and we’re not satisfied until we’ve built the future.