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N e t a initially started working with AERIN to help roll out its eCommerce platform. At the time of introduction, AERIN, as a brand, made a commitment to, becoming its flagship. They had already selected the robust Demandware (now part of SalesForce) eCommerce platform, information architecture and graphic front-end design were in process with previously retained 3rd Party agencies. No back-end system (OMS, ERP), fulfillment strategy or center, payment processing or marketing (beyond in-house PR) had yet been fully planned, selected or negotiated.

Our challenge & opportunity

Our initial challenge presented in our eCommerce strategy was getting to launch, within aggressive timeline expectations that were heightened by a global brand launch. This opportunity led to becoming a trusted strategic and metrics driven partner who helped achieve a 163% 3-Year CAGR, and for to be the # 1 door.

Bringing Aerin’s vision to launch.

The first challenge presented in our eCommerce service implementation for AERIN, was getting to launch, within aggressive timeline expectations; communications had to be streamlined across multiple AERIN partners. neta provided best-in-class project and performance management, supplemental wireframes to guide graphic design in accordance with Demandware requirements and functional specification to elevate the end-to-end experience. Once teams and deliverables were supported, and the implementation was in motion, neta shifted gears to help AERIN execute Demandware’s ‘link cartridge’ partners required for launch, including payment processor/fraud software, OMS (Order Management System) and its fulfillment center. This process, which is part of our technology service offering , included the development of detailed business and technical requirements specified for the DW integration and vendor negotiations. neta served as the UAT lead prior to launch and the over-arching timeline & project management. As the launch approached, neta adapted programming specification documentation into internal AERIN training guides that would help bring future in-house resources up to speed efficiently in order to process orders and administer AERIN’s eCommerce operation.

To plan and support the future growth of the operation, n e t a devised a plan by way of business consulting, which projected both financial performance and identified human resource needs. On the financial projections side, this tied to channel performance and merchandise category demand. On the human resources side, this took the shape of an ORG chart (a combination of resources including new hires, contractors and use of new hires, contractors, as well as, use of agencies or 3rd Party partners), detailed job specifications, and for key hires, neta’s involvement in the candidate interview process.

Winning in digital doesn’t begin until the day a platform goes live.

We worked in a strategic planning role alongside the team at AERIN for 3 subsequent years to ensure financial projections continued to align with AERIN’s scale and growth as it established itself in the market. Our analytics consulting efforts focused in developing key metric driven benchmarks, advising on team building, front-end user experience recommendations, SEO tactics and continuously adapting’s systems integration to ensure the most efficient eCommerce operation from end-to-end.

Our Results

The results we achieved with

  • = #1 Door for the AERIN brand
  • sales trended +3% vs. neta‘s projections
  • 3 year CAGR = 163%

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