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Terry is our Data Science & Financial Analyst, supporting the metrics, data consulting, financial modeling, and financial planning that ultimately plots the fiscal growth of our clients. This work translates into client-centric fiscal reporting systems utilizing big data that quantifies dynamic growth trajectories. Terry is also a vital lead in our SEO Services offering, where a primary objective is to identify what we consider ‘core keywords’, from which to position site platforms and client publishing criteria to compete and ‘win’ in Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Within Terry’s role at neta, he ‘develops and mans’ our financial analysis and defines performance metrics for our clients in the Fashion, Medical/Health/Wellness, Luxury Retail, Beauty, the Arts, and Home/Lifestyle sectors.

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netamorphosis | Data Science & Financial Analyst - Terry Carr

After graduating from Northeastern University with a BSc in Economics, Terry was looking for a position where he could learn and grow knowledge of analytics in an open and fast-paced environment. At neta, he found he could contribute to analytics and financial planning across a wide range of industries, while embracing neta’s “always learning” philosophy.

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netamorphosis | Data Science & Financial Analyst - Terry Carr

In his own words…

The idea of being able to distill valuable insights from large sets of data has always fascinated me, which led me to major in Economics. Whether it involves financial analysis, strategic planning, or predicting trends, I enjoy approaching modeling and deriving insights with what might be considered original and creative ‘solutions’. neta’s tailored approach to harnessing and leveraging big data, coupled with robust financial forecasting systems, and a “no 1 size-fits-all” philosophy very much appeal to this nature within me.

Prior to joining neta, Terry took advantage of Northeastern University’s Co-op program, working in the insurance and energy industries.

Outside of work, Terry likes to explore his creative outlet, writing and producing original music and helping friends with audio engineering.

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