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In addition to supporting all quality efforts (QC), Steve as our Client Experience Assistant, is our point of coordination for client communications.  The CEA is also a central role in our SEO offering, performing audits and keyword technical writing that contributes towards achieving our organic traffic performance targets.

A week in the role of a CEA: conducting an SEO Audit, unlocking intricacies of generating optimum algorithmic value; copy-editing complex clinical subject matter for a medical client; preparing eCommerce inventory; proofing video-script; prepping video shoots; researching the depth of developing meaningful “insights” in a medley of industries; all days encompassed in collaboration with neta’s client services team and working directly with clients.

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Steve’s educational and early professional background exposed him to a wide multitude of disciplines and learning experiences… ranging from being pre-med at the University of Vermont to a shift to psychology; in the professional realm, this encompassed visual merchandising, event styling, and even the Institute of Audio Research, where his love for music was nurtured through exposure to technical recording production. The parallel to neta’s CEA role is that no (2) days are the same, and where dynamism, problem-solving and new experiences are inevitable.

Steve Lara - Client Experience Assistant | netamorphosis
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In his own words…

Growing up I always loved puzzles; presents given to me were always some sort of riddle… at neta, it could be considered a series of puzzles to solve… there are strategies to execute and as a result, there are approaches and tactics to be applied. This type of work and environment suits me well, because at the end of the day… I consider myself a problem solver.

Although Steve was born and raised in New Rochelle, New York, he considers his childhood spent mainly between Jackson Heights, Queens and Colombia.

Photography by Adrian Barry | Hair & Makeup by Thom Woods