Silong Yang - Data Science & Financial Analyst - Photo 01 | netamorphosis

Silong is our Analyst, supporting the metrics and financial diligence that ultimately plots the fiscal growth of our clients. This work translates to client-centric fiscal reporting systems that quantify growth trajectories for optimal success. Silong is also a vital lead in our SEO Service offering, where a primary objective is to identify what we consider ‘core keywords’, from which to position site platforms and client publishing criteria to compete and ‘win’ in Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

Within Silong’s role at neta, he ‘develops and mans’ the financials and defines performance metrics for our clients in the Fashion, Medical/Health/Wellness, Luxury Retail, Beauty, the Arts, and Home/Lifestyle sectors. 

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Silong Yang - Data Science & Financial Analyst - Photo 02 | netamorphosis

Having graduated from McGill University (where he discovered the superiority of Montreal bagels, ah…sacrilege!) with a BSc in Physics, Silong chose the path of working in a growth-focused consultancy because of the dynamics that working with early-stage concepts to billion-dollar luxury retailers affords (and satiates his curious appetite).

Silong Yang - Data Science & Financial Analyst - Photo 02 | netamorphosis

In his own words…

I’ve always had an unending curiosity, asking the question “why?” whenever possible. This explains 91.7% of my chosen major (the other 8.3% remains unexplained) and crosses over to my role at neta: to plot new ways to measure and analyze past performance, while questioning commercial and cultural trends with the goal of better gauging the future.

Silong Yang - Data Science & Financial Analyst - Photo 03 | netamorphosis

Prior to joining neta in October 2015, Silong managed marketing campaigns for tech start ups in Montreal and NYC, where he was introduced to the exciting and dynamic world of early-stage growth companies.

An explorer at heart, Si loves exotic foods and flavors. He also enjoys complaining about the beer and music selection at the local bar.

Photography by Adrian Barry | Hair & Makeup by Takashi Ashizawa