Maggie Mendoza - Team Building & Cultural Operations Manager - Photo 01 | netamorphosis

Maggie is our Manager of Team Building & Cultural Operations.  Maggie’s position was brought on board to develop our most valued asset, our people.  Our foundation is to create an employee-centric culture that did not necessarily exist within a traditional agency or consulting model which typically functions 24/7 (i.e., accessibility off-hours, by mobile device, on weekends and on vacation).  One element of Maggie’s primary functions is that while neta continues to grow and mature, to uphold the values of neta’s live-work balance (an anomaly for a start-up), and to evolve its learning environment where its members would feel both valued and thrive. 

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Maggie Mendoza - Team Building & Cultural Operations Manager - Photo 02 | netamorphosis

She graduated from Hunter College with a love for writing, reading and learning, and through early professional exposure in recruitment, also discovered a desire for helping others, realizing that she wanted to find a place she could continue to learn and grow which brought her to neta.

Essential to the cross-functional team and productivity goals inherent in neta’s working-style, Maggie remains integral to internal operations which serve as our backbone, in addition to being a primary contributor to our Instagram… a reflection of all things neta, our recruiting efforts (Team Building) and the continued evolution of our on-boarding, which aims at setting new team members ‘up for success’ as effectively as possible.

Maggie Mendoza - Team Building & Cultural Operations Manager - Photo 02 | netamorphosis
Maggie Mendoza - Team Building & Cultural Operations Manager - Photo 03 | netamorphosis

In her own words…

Working at neta is like being part of a family of creative and hardworking group of thinkers.  I’m always blown away by the work we do, but more so by the people with whom I work.   

I’ve always had a passion for people and relationships, with a strong belief in the importance of team building. 

Being able to cultivate people and create an environment where all of us love what we do is exactly the experience I was looking for…and feel that I’ve found a place, in neta to continue to learn, to grow, to write and to thrive in helping others making their own mark at netamorphosis.

Maggie was born in Zamboanga, Philippines and moved with her Air Force family to San Antonio, TX, but don’t let that fool you – she’s a Queens girl through and through having spent most of her life in NYC. 

Photography by Adrian Barry | Hair & Makeup by Thom Woods