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Hanna joined n e t a m o r p h o s i s as our Marketing & Digital Content Coordinator, a role created to continue to build out n e t a’s social media and content creation efforts to heighten our clients’ digital platform reach and engagement. We also consider our marketing & digital content coordinator a client experience assistant, whereby Hanna serves as a point person for client communications, and also a central role in our SEO services, user experience design benchmarking analysis, that we call the category landscape, performing audits and keyword technical writing that contributes towards achieving traffic engagement objectives.

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Hanna Eriksson - Marketing & Digital Content Coordinator - Photo 02 | netamorphosis

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BSc in Advertising and Marketing Communications, Hanna was looking to find a position where she could integrate her marketing knowledge and experiences with eCommerce analytics and front-end web development. At n e t a, she appreciates the opportunity to work in a small collaborative team that allows her to learn and grow through participation in all phases of development, including strategic planning, creating and finalizing client digital and omnichannel platforms, as well as touch-ups post-launch that optimize each platform.

netamorphosis | Marketing & Digital Content Coordinator - Hanna Eriksson 02
Hanna Eriksson - Marketing & Digital Content Coordinator - Photo 01 | netamorphosis

In her own words…

Growing up, I always looked for a creative outlet and through my work here at n e t a, I not only have the chance to practice it on my own, but to work with creative and innovative people. I enjoy the room to develop and grow professionally, while being able to do what I’m passionate about. It’s the perfect combination and through a friendly and open environment, I’ve been able to build meaningful relationships with team members, as well as, clients.

Prior to joining n e t a, Hanna spent her spare time working as a Writing and Research consultant at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she assisted students through the various stages of academic writing by utilizing the research databases made available by FIT.

As a retired soccer player (not a professional one!), Hanna spends a lot of her time outside of work at the gym. She also enjoys an occasional book on astrophysics and watching expository and observational documentaries.

Photography by Ryan Roberts