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As our Sr. SEO Manager, Ciara analyzes, reviews, implements and leads all changes to websites (both internal and client-facing) so they are optimized for search engines and maximizing a brand’s digital footprint. SEO integrates into all content that we deliver, and we are the leader in this space; from achieving top rankings in some of the most competitive industries from healthcare to entertainment, to staying on top of the ever-changing algorithms of Google and YouTube. On any given day she will define client KPIs, identify and expand market opportunities to maximize traffic growth through on-page and off-page SEO tactics and implement cutting-edge SEO strategies that serve as a corner stone of our transformative client digital growth strategies.

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netamorphosis | Manager Teambuilding - Ciara Gormley

She graduated from UCD, Ireland with a BA in English and then progressed to a Post Grad in PR and Event Management. After early professional exposure in PR, she realized she wanted to find a place she could continue to learn and grow, which brought her to neta, following a leap State-side, from her homeland of Ireland.

SEO incorporates her love of problem solving with strategic thinking, so she quickly realized this was where she wanted to continue to build her knowledge. She now works in collaboration with the full client services team, including design, SEM, content, development and data analytics, to implement integrated digital strategies for our clients. 

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netamorphosis | Manager Teambuilding - Ciara Gormley

In her own words…

Working at neta is an exciting journey of learning and growth, where you can’t help but soak up the knowledge of the creative and talented people around you.

I’ve always aspired to work in an environment that values its employee’s contributions and ideas, and believe in the importance of fostering team building, which is what I’ve found at neta. Collaborating with all sectors of the client services team provides me with opportunities to be strategic and grow my technical knowledge, while not losing the importance of building relationships and helping to foster continued growth. No two days are the same and as someone who can’t handle boredom, I absolutely love and thrive on the fast-paced excitement of everyday life at neta.

Ciara was born in Queens, NY, but raised in Ireland. She’s enjoying getting back to her New York roots and, although she’d never want (or be able!) to lose her Irish accent, finds that she is speaking more and more like a New Yorker every day!

Photography by Ryan Roberts | Hair & Makeup by Takashi Ashizawa